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Thursday February 28th, 2019 at 1:15 pm everything was set in motion to change my life forever. We made it through the entire pregnancy and it was time. As a woman experiencing pregnancy after loss I felt like I was finally out of the woods there was nothing else to worry about. My son was ready to make his grand entrance. The contractions started mild but frequent and since my birth plan stated that I wanted to labor at home for as long as possible that's exactly what I did. I had no idea that was going to mean staying at home for 2 days waiting for progressions that were never going to come. So I just waited with my mom and my birthing ball for the time to come. Every ten minutes like clockwork the contractions hit me. After several hours with no progress I just figured it was false labor and moved on with my day.

4:30am Friday March 1st, at this point I have been in labor for 15 hours and 15 minutes so I call my doctor and we decide that I should go in. My contractions are getting worse as far as pain goes but they aren't getting any closer together.

We get to the hospital for the first time Friday morning. Stay for a few hours only for them to tell me that I have not dilated any further in all the time that I have been there. The hospital's midwife then presented me with three options:

1.Go home and wait a little while longer.

2. Walk around the hospital for a few hours and see if that makes me dilate further.

3. Take a nap induced by drugs and wake up in labor.

Now I don't know about any one else but none of those options were especially attractive to me. I decided to leave the hospital and wait it out. So my day on Friday was going to consist of waiting around for contractions that were not getting any closer together each one hurting more than the last. As I checked out of the hospital I decided to just go ahead with my day after all how much worse could it get? (Everyone knows that's the worse thing you can ask because it did get worse.) I went to iHop for breakfast and oh my gosh I had the SWEETEST waitress, she was so excited about me being in labor. Honestly much more excited than I was at the time. Once I finished with that I headed over my grandparents house for the day. After all of the day's activity I was extremely tired so once I got home I just got in the bed and tried my hardest to go to sleep. Just when I thought I had gotten used to the pain, it happened, every five minutes like clockwork for 30 minutes.

At 3am Saturday March 2nd I called my doctor and she said go ahead and go to the hospital. I just knew that this was it, I was about to have this baby. We pack up the car and we are on our way to the hospital AGAIN. Saturday is all a blur for me though but I can assure you it was extremely hard on me. After hours of laboring in the hospital I decided to get the epidural to take some of the edge off. Now maybe it's just me but my epidural did not help me one bit I was laying there wondering about all the women who told me that the epidural really helped them. At this point I'd lost track of all time I have no clue what time it is anymore. I have no idea how long I've been at the hospital or how long I've bee waiting, but what I do know is that things STILL haven't progressed at all.

They have decided to give me a little bit of help and start me on Pitocin. Hours go by I have been having contractions stacked on-top of one another and I am just beyond ready to get this baby out of me. After a few hours of this they finally tell me that I am ready to start pushing him out.

Let's get this baby out! I start pushing with the contractions, three pushes, then six, then nine but still no baby. I couldn't figure out what exactly I was doing wrong. The doctor finally tells me every-time I get him almost out he's sliding back between contractions. She suggests suction to get him out, but once she starts running down the risks just can't agree to it. It didn't help that I saw her turn to another doctor and tell him she didn't think it was going to work. My mind was racing what were my options? I couldn't put my baby's life at risk so I just went ahead and told her to give me a c-section. That's it, they give me more drugs in my epidural and wheel me to the OR. On the way there they are giving me the rundown of the procedure, I'm taking it all in I never wanted to get a c-section I was UPSET to say the least.

In the OR she does a test poke to make sure the area is numb.... IT WAS NOT!!! So I tell her that it is not numb and the room goes silent, everyone is confused, the anesthesiologist then says "Your epidural hasn't been working so we are going to have to put you to sleep." The next thing I heard was "Look mama" my first thought was "What am I looking at?" immediately followed by, "Who's baby is that and why is it so pale?"

After 63 hours and 31 minutes of labor at 4:46am Sunday March 3rd 2019 Kaiden Blackwell was born! I finally realized it was my baby, he was here, I am a mom.

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