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Make it Home?

Last weeks post was about life after miscarriage. This weeks post is the most EMBARRASSING story I have from my pregnancy. It's hilarious, to look back on it was not funny at all when it happened to me. Since it's months behind me I figured I might as well go ahead and share it, after all you know my favorite thing to do is tell a good story. Even if it means that I am going to be the subject of ridicule.

We'd been planning to attend my family reunion in July for a couple months the time had come. We are preparing ourselves for a week in a condo with the kids, my mother-in-law Debbie, her sister Nae, Keith's cousin Raven(none of them know anything about my pregnancy at this point), as well as my mother and my brother (who both already knew). So that was on my mind the entire time leading up to the trip. After all I hadn't even had my first ultrasound yet it was def. too early to share this information right? I wanted nothing more than to be able to enjoy my vacation I prayed everyday leading up to the trip that my morning sickness be put on hold until we got back home. At the time it seemed to me like that was a great request. The day of the trip I woke up and got ready, so far nothing, maybe God did hear my prayers and answered them. We get all the way to Florida before I even feel an inkling of nausea, but I knew why I was nauseous after all I hadn't had anything to eat in hours. Once I ate I didn't have any problems. As long as something was on my stomach I was fine. I had to eat BEFORE I started feeling like the world was spinning or I'd be down and out for the day. When I realized this I kept crackers next to the bed so I could eat them before I even started moving which honestly helped more than I ever thought it would.

At this point we have been in Orlando for a couple days and between my constant eating, my irritability, and my frequent napping I figure it's time to go ahead and let my mother-in-law in on the "secret". She informed me she already knew just like last time and I don't even know WHY I was surprised. She knew I was pregnant last time because I asked my father-in-law for some chicken. Now that's one less thing on my list of things I need to worry about on this trip. I can focus on keeping my morning sickness under control. Now it's time for us to go to Safety Harbor for my family reunion. Keith and I take Donovan with us and London stays with Debbie. Once we get to Safety Harbor it starts all over. I'm praying to make it through these next couple days which I did with only one incident which was actually my fault because why did I eat lobster bisque and follow it up with ice cream?

The weekend went perfect, we go back to Orlando and start preparing for our trip to end.

It's time to go home! We are finally at the airport all settled in waiting for our flight to go. I notice that I am super hungry, my head is spinning and I just can't stand all of the smells and all the noises I am in TERRIBLE shape at this point. Keith decides to go and get some Wendy's he asks me what I want, I settle on chicken nuggets with fries and fruit punch.

(Yes this is important for the story)

I basically swallow it all whole and chug down the fruit punch. It's time to board the plane. We find our seats and it's smooth sailing from there. Or so I thought.

The flight goes perfect I am reflecting on how everything went well and we have MADE IT HOME. You guys remember my prayers? Keep it together until I GET HOME. Guess what God did hear my prayers, and has a sense of humor, because the MOMENT they announce over the intercom that we are beginning our descent into Detroit, it begins. My stomach is rolling, I cannot get out of my seat, there is no bag in front of me and IT IS COMING. I feel it brewing in my stomach I cough and there it is. VOMIT right in my hand. I'm like "Ok this is not so bad I'm fine... I'm fine... OH shit it's not over."

At this point I am looking around desperately for help, London is staring at me in absolute awe of this disgusting pink shit that is flowing out of me and all over my clothes, the floor, and my shoes. You guys it was ABSOLUTELY disgusting. The people in front of me and like "OMG are you ok? do you need help? should we get someone?" I want to yell out so bad "I'm pregnant and my body has betrayed me" but it's still a secret so all I can do is sit there in shame. Once everyone has gotten off the plane I get up and take off all my clothes and grab the first thing in my carry-on and throw it on. Needless to say those clothes went straight into the trash. The kids and Debbie go to her car and they leave Keith goes to get our car so now I'm sitting here in an airport looking like some sad puppy waiting for him to come retrieve me from my seat of shame as all the flight attendants from our flight leave and tell me goodnight after they not only saw me covered in my own vomit, but also my ass. Keith could not have taken longer to come back from the parking lot. I don't know what took him so long but I'm pretty sure he had to sit in the car and gain his composure after laughing for an eternity because I know I would have if it'd happened to someone else.

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