• Jasmine Blackwell

Stop Right There

I have realized that I have a save the world complex. I just want to see everyone succeed, under the least stress possible, I want to be a support system to people that I KNOW need help. That's my downfall. Never taking into account why they don't have the support system in the first place when there are so many obvious red flags. I just ignore them because all I see is someone I love going through something. Of course I want what's best for the people in my life but I have finally learned that I can not fix everyone's problems. Has that stopped my from trying? Not at all. But since I have finally recognized it as a flaw so I'm going to work on it. If you follow me you know there is nothing I say more than "I'm working on myself!" The downside of this complex is that I don't allow the people around me to learn from their mistakes because I'm right there with my captain saveahoe cape on when they call. Letting people struggle so that they can learn a lesson is a hard thing for me to do. I'm learning though.

So many people are used to seeing the nonchalant side of me so they don't understand the overwhelming amount of empathy I carry with me everyday. I'm not complaining, I like to keep my distance from people because I find them so emotionally draining. But that's not the point I'm trying to make right now so back to the matter at hand.

How will you ever be able to help yourself if I keep saving you? You can think about that for a while but I can assure you you won't come up with anything. My days of taking care of people at the expense of my emotional and mental health are over. It's taken me some time to figure it out but I know now people don't care about your sanity they only care about their own. If they can take a load off of their shoulders by putting it on yours they will do it every time. You have to think about yourself and practice self care. I don't mean a spa day either, self care is so much more than pampering your physical self you need to get your emotional and mental together as well. I didn't know that until I noticed with so much draining on my mental and emotional state there was a decline in my physical state.Why is that you ask? All because I was stressed about SOMEONE ELSE'S problems. Please take this time to learn from my mistakes. I'm not saying that you shouldn't help out when you can. I'm saying don't put yourself aside for everyone else. Your friends problems do not belong to you. Your families problems do not belong to you. The only problems you have are your own. I am trying to warn you because I learned the hard way. Going out of my way to help people that not only will not help themselves but they actually have done things getting themselves into more trouble after asking me to help them out of their situations. Do you know how frustrating it is to have someone call you for help and when you go out of your way to help them they take squander every opportunity they have to help themselves? Very, so don't even waste your time, energy, or funds trying to keep others afloat.

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