• Jasmine Blackwell

The Love Story

Now that you know about Snake let's introduce a new character into the story. Many of you know the story of Keith and I but just as many of you are left in the dark. I've already shed light on the toxic relationship I was on the verge of exiting when he came into my life like the ray of sunshine that he is.

Remember when I told you about that job I'd started? Well that's where I met Keith. From the moment I saw him I knew I wanted to... let's just say spend some time with him, he was cute plus I saw the way he looked at me. He wanted to get to know me exactly how I wanted to get to know him. At first I thought it was just a crush, until he went on vacation, he wasn't at work for a week. I found myself coming to work and becoming disappointed when I didn't see him, this went on everyday for a week. When he came back the only thing I could think was "Damn I haven't seen him in a while he looks much more appetizing than he did a week ago." I couldn't help but ask him where he'd been all week, but I needed to be smooth because he was the manager, what I was about to say was completely inappropriate. I needed to get across the point that I wanted to get to know him outside of work without blatantly putting everything on the table and risking my job if he didn't feel the same. I decided to tell him that I noticed he hadn't been at work, from there it was sparks, nothing ever felt more perfect. We exchanged numbers, because I needed to be able to get in touch with him directly when I needed him. At least that's what I told myself.

I found myself thinking about him all that night, like a schoolgirl crush I couldn't help but think I'd definitely had his attention. Since I wasn't sure I had to do something to see how far he was willing to go for me. I needed something minor that would show me that he would make the effort for me if I asked. So the next day we were both at work I left my phone charger I know that sounds stupid but it was minor enough for me not to miss it if he didn't want to bring it to me. After my shift was over I waited about an hour before texting him that I left my charger there, I told him if it wasn't out of the way could he bring it to me. He told me I was actually on the way to his house so he'd call me when he got close. At this point I'm like "hell yeah!" I'm gonna get him.

After this encounter we started texting A LOT, like all day, and all night. I'll never forget our first date, which I told myself wasn't really a date so it was fine right? We spent so much time together that day it was amazing, all while I was ignoring Snake's calls and texts. Red flag number one, I never went a day without talking to Snake. The next day when I saw Snake the first thing he said, "where were you yesterday I called you" I just brushed it off "I was busy I just forgot to call you back." I want to say that's where he lost faith in me but it's not. The next time Keith asked me out was a trap, I should have known better but I was in lust. He asked if I wanted to go see a the drive-in. Now me being the basic bitch I am I'm like OF COURSE! He pulls up to pick me up smelling like Armani Code with his fresh haircut, just looking daddyish. This man already had me hooked he didn't need to do much to make me give up everything to him. We went, do I remember what we saw? nope! Is it important? Nope! We had an encounter that solidified his spot in my life.

Months have gone by sneaking around with Keith blowing off Snake. Now it's time to move into the loft. After moving, going to work coming home to see snake there just blew my high. He would ask me about work and I would find myself telling him about how funny Keith was, he'd ask me questions about food and I'd find myself giving him the recommendations Keith had given me. He literally told me "You need to stay away from Keith sounds like y'all kinda like each other." Snake and I were off from work together, so it's not like I could see Keith on my off days but whatever, I was determined to figure it out. Then it happened, the worst storm of 2014, the roads and expressways were flooded going everywhere it was just terrible. I was off of work that day, so I was with Snake and my family chilling, texting Keith and checking in to make sure he was doing ok at work. He told me he would call me when he got home, a hour went by no calls no texts, I just assumed it was the weather I gave him more time. I was a nervous wreck I mean what if something happened. I convinced myself it was just my anxiety acting up. Two hours went by then three, finally my phone rang "Nirvana" was calling to tell me he'd made it home. It was at this exact moment that I knew I needed to be with him!

Over the course of the next few days Snake and I started arguing more, first it was about the toilet seat, then eating in the bed, then it was about how he almost ruined my life AGAIN by almost burning our loft to the ground. That day I told him "I won't be here when you get back I'm going to clear my head" at this point if you don't know I took my hoe ass to Keith's house you need to get it together. I spent the night there, it was exactly what I deemed him, Nirvana. We did some things that cleared my mind right up.

Snake called me "where are you" I just told him I wasn't coming back tonight so he could sleep in my bed if he wanted. I forgot to mention he's been sleeping on the couch for a few weeks and I've been sleeping in my bed. This is when everything came to light. The next day when Snake came home from work he noticed my phone out, and he took that time to go through it. I didn't really care at this point but I should have been more careful. He woke me up to photos I'd taken of Keith and myself. "Who the fuck is this nigga" I'm like "remember when you told that girl we weren't in a relationship? We aren't" He fucking lost it took my phone and stormed out, my only concern at that moment was the fact that I couldn't call Keith. He came back about 5 minutes later and gave my phone back, with an apology for what he'd done explaining that he would forgive me for what I did. I couldn't think of anything aside how I should try and pacify him for the moment because his anger was so unstable I didn't want it to turn into something we couldn't take back. So I told him we could talk about it in the morning. The next day before work I told him I was over it I was done I didn't want to be with him anymore. Since his name wasn't on the lease I told him I wanted him to move out he had 30 days during this time I'd stay away as often as possible. He agreed for the most part even though later he text me that I needed to sign the lease over to him and move in with my new man.

I left him with that thought. He bombarded me with hate texts one minute, and I love you texts the next. It was over, I could finally move on. He hurt me, mentally, emotionally, physically, that's no excuse for what I did to him but it's how I justified it to myself. I know as an adult that is not how I should handle these things but in that moment my mind wasn't clear.

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