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To the woman who left my Husband

I‘m scrolling my Facebook memories and I see something that peaks my interest, a link to an archived version of the blog. The title read ”To the woman who left my Husband.”

As I have been learning and growing I look back at my posts in utter disgust that I spent so much time arguing my character with someone who, to be honest, doesn’t even fucking know me. This particular one though, I still stand behind!

Although reading it took me back to a time when my husbands ex used to get under my skin by consistently talking about me and monitoring my behavior. I grew so tired of her I needed to tell my side of the story... that was the birth of “Their Evil Stepmother”. Things were great I was letting out all of my frustrations and telling my side to those who wanted to know. However after a while I got tired so I rebranded the site and even took a step back from our blended family to get away from the drama. I’m giving myself a stepmom mindset makeover because I’ve come to the realization that her problems are her own. The anger is aimed at me but it doesn’t have much to do with me in reality. So if she wants to stalk me who am I to tell her what to do with her time? If she wants to talk about me that’s just what she needs to do to work through her issues. I spent too much time worrying about how to just chill and go unmentioned and it still didn’t work.

For everyone who wasn’t with me on my journey at the time here’s the post:

Thank you.

I know it's weird, "thank you to the woman who left your husband" but yup that's exactly what I mean. If they had been perfect for each other where exactly would I be?

Everything happens for a reason, whether you ended because of him or because of you is not my concern. I am not praising the fail of your relationship, I am simply thanking you for being able to recognize it wasn't for you.

Because of you I have a wonderful husband who treats me like a queen. He would go to the end of the Earth if he thought it would make me smile. I love him because he is perfect for me. Flaws and all. We will grow together. Learn each other more and more everyday. Start a family. It's all because of you.

I can not express how much I appreciate it. But I can definitely try so here goes:

Thank you for being the wrong person for him.

Thank you for being able to not make it work.

Thank you for the lifetime of excitement I have ahead of me with my amazing husband.

3 years after the original was posted I agree now more than ever! My family is flourishing, our children are perfect and we are growing together everyday. Again, Thank you for being the wrong person for him. 😘

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